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Anchorage Golf Course

Impact of Daylight Savings Time repeal

on Alaska golf


Attention all Alaskan residents,

Some very troubling news out of Juneau recently. The repeal of daylight savings time has PASSED through the Senate and has now become a real possibility. The act still must pass through the House, so please contact your House of Representatives immediately. The ramifications of this is bad for the local economy and real bad for golfers. If this becomes a reality, then it will get colder and darker one hour earlier each evening in the summer and fall. Some of the ramifications:

  1. It will cut 18 days off of golf/range in the fall after work.
  2. This is the busiest time for golf courses. Financially the courses will take a big hit. There will be less money for equipment, staffing, and course improvement projects (We just purchased a sifter for soil on the range. That type of purchase would not have happened without daylight savings time.)
  3. Our local vendors will suffer from us having less money to spend.
  4. From May 1st to September 30th is about 150 fewer hours in Anchorage to enjoy the outdoor evenings! Not just golfing, but hiking, fishing, biking, walking the dog, having friends over to a BBQ on the deck, so on and so forth.
  5. Every business that relies on summer outdoor activities will suffer. Fewer dollars will circulate through our economy! Is that what Alaska needs? Now?  
  6. Tourism dollars. The Chamber of Commerce, Visit Anchorage and AEDC Anchorage would no longer be able to tout that uniqueness that makes us the envy of so many places – ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. We will have very few, if any of those days with the one hour earlier darkness. Another blow to the economy.
  7. Below is what affect the repeal of Daylight Savings Time (DST) would have on your opportunity to golf:

No DST for Summer Play (Prime hours of operation 5:00am-10pm):

                       From May 15th to August 15th we would lose an hour of our operation in the evening. This would equate to 670 total tee times lost during the evening prime season.

No DST for Fall Play:

9-Hole Play:

-With DST the last 9 hole play with a 5:30pm Tee Time would be Oct 3rd

                         -Without DST the last 9 hole play with a 5:30pm Tee Time would be Sept 15th

                         18 hole play:

-With DST the last 18-hole play with a 5:30pm tee time would be August 30th

                         -Without DST the last 18-hole play with a 5:30pm tee time would be August 13th

                         --This equates to 270 tee times during this time frame that would be altered or eliminated due to insufficient daylight.


Please contact your representatives, business people and friends. We have included the link to send a POM (public opinion message) to your legislators. We have to act now as it is on the fast track.


Anchorage Golf Course overlooks the Anchorage bowl with breathtaking views of Cook Inlet and Mount McKinley.

Visitors have a chance to see some of Alaska's wildlife including moose, fox, waterfowl, and the occasional bear. The layout of the Anchorage Golf Course is as challenging as it is beautiful; 6,600 yards of rolling, tree-lined fairways lead to well-guarded, undulating greens.

Course amenities include:
  • Driving Range
  • Practice Greens
  • Lessons
  • Pro Shop
  • Snack Bar
  • O'Malley's on the Green Restaurant
Anchorage Golf Course offers a truly unique golf experience. Summer play can range from as early as 5:00 am to well after midnight. The beauty of the course is second to none. Located on the hillside overlooking Anchorage, the course offers a view of three separate mountain ranges. World famous Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, can be seen on a clear day from many vantage points on the course.

We look forward to seeing you at Anchorage Golf Course.

Anchorage Golf Course is a Municipality of Anchorage public facility.