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Golf Course FAQ's

Below are some FAQ's regarding play & facilities at AGC:

 What kind of weather should I expect?

Alaska weather can vary dramatically during the course of a round. Temperatures in our prime season of June, July and August is usually in the 60’s or 70’s, although we have had some days in the 80’s. Rain can come at a moment’s notice, but thunderstorms are extremely rare at out course. We do recommend having enough layers as needed.


What attire is appropriate for the course?

Clothing is required! Beyond that, it is Alaska, and we expect you to do more than just golf! Jeans are allowed, as are t-shirts and shorts. We will not permit any profane or graphic attire as we are a family-friendly facility, and swimming attire is inappropriate.


What kind of spikes are required?

Soft Spikes are required at the course.


Should I walk or do I need to take a cart?

We do not require the use of carts. If you are a dedicated walker, feel free! The course is reasonably hilly, so if your home course is flat, you may consider a cart. The back nine is a bit more challenging to walk than the front, so you may consider a cart for the back nine only. You are welcome to rent a cart when you make the turn if necessary.


What type of Rental Clubs do you offer?

We currently offer two types of rental clubs, Callaway and Taylor Made. Callaway XR or Solaire are our Premium Clubs, while Taylor Made Burners are our Standard Clubs. Premiums rent for $40 for 18 holes, while the Standard are $25.


Do you rent shoes?

We do not rent shoes at this time, but you are welcome to wear tennis or soft soled shoes on the course.


Are riders welcome?

Riders are welcome over the age of 6. A cart fee of $10 is required.


Can I bring my own cooler or beverages?

Per Alaska state law, bringing your own alcoholic beverages is not permitted. We do not permit coolers on the course. If you have specific medical needs and need to bring something with you, please make arrangements with our management team in advance so we can assist you accordingly.


Should I make a reservation?

We strongly encourage you to make a reservation if at all possible. If you can’t, we will accommodate you as soon as possible.


I’m a single. Do I need to make a tee time or can I just walk on?

We do not make reservations for single golfers; please feel free to come to the course and get on our wait list. We can usually accommodate you within the hour.


How far in advance can I make a tee time?

We take tee times up to 5 days in advance for Alaska residents. If you are coming up from the Lower 48 and need to arrange your schedule further in advance, please contact our tournament office at 522-7825 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


How long will it take me to play the course?

Our rated pace of play is four and a half hours. We expect all golfers to play at that pace or faster if conditions are appropriate.


I’ve got 5 players. Can I play 5?

No, we do not permit five-somes at any time.


Can I share clubs with my partner?

All golfers must have their own set of clubs. We have plenty of rental sets available for your use.


What if I am late for my tee time?

While we will accommodate you to the best of our ability, we recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your tee time if not earlier. This will give you amply opportunity to check in, get your rental clubs, hit a few balls, roll a few putts, and take in the beautiful views before your round.


Can I play alone or will I play with others?

While we will attempt to accommodate your request, there will be times, particularly Thursday through Sunday, when we will have to pair you with other golfers.


How can I get there if I don’t have a car?

We are only a short 15 minute cab ride from Anchorage International Airport. Please call 907-644-4444 for Checker Cab, or 907-222-2222 for Yellow Cab.


How late can I tee off and still finish?

Daylight hours vary wildly in Alaska. This is the Land of the Midnight Sun, and our last tee time is 10:00pm. That being said, if you are looking to play 18 holes in June or July, you can tee off up until approximately 8PM and still finish. Check this link to determine civil twilight (actual darkness) on the day you wish to play.


Do you allow carts to drive in the fairways?

Yes, using the 90 degree rule and depending on course conditions on the day you wish to play. There are days where we simply cannot permit carts into the fairways.


What is the 90 degree rule?

We ask you keep you cart on the path until you get to the first ball of the two players in the cart. Please take your cart off the path at 90 degrees to get to the first ball. If the 2nd ball is a short distance away, proceed to the 2nd ball. If the 2nd ball is a long distance away, please return to the path and travel along the path until you reach the 2nd ball.


What are the golf shop hours?

Hours vary, but in season we are open from 5AM until 10:00PM.


Is there a practice range?

Yes, our range has up to 50 hitting stations and are all grass. As we are all grass, we ask you please hit between the range dividers at all times, preserving the grass in other areas and for the safety of all range users. Also, please use a tight pattern when using the range, as opposed to hitting the ball randomly. This will preserve the turf for other users and help us to maintain quality turf conditions.


What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that issues may arise that prevent you from using your reservation. Please call us as soon as possible so that we may accommodate others. If your reservation is being held by a credit card and you cancel your tee times less than 5 days in advance of your reservation, if we can fill your reservation we will not charge your credit card.


Can kids play?

Of course! We encourage kids to play for the future of the game. For safety, no kids 6 or under are permitted on the course, but kids that young are permitted to learn the game on our practice areas under parental supervision.